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Picture books

Little Baker 


Little Baker loves to bake, and uses all the right equipment to mix, whisk, and stir! As each ingredient is introduced (in accurate baking order), Little Baker shares where that food comes from, covering butter, eggs, vanilla, cocoa, and flour. LITTLE BAKER will stir little ones’ passion for baking, ending in a happy surprise, and an easy to make recipe. (Ages 2-6)


Sand Dollar Shopper  

A young boy’s imagination soars as he and his mother collect Sand Dollars at the beach.
“Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar, what will I buy?” With his “dollars,” he imagines buying a surf-board turtle, a singing seal, or a treasure boat to hoist up sunken jewels. When the boy discovers he can trade his Sand Dollars for real dollars at the beachside store, he makes a surprising and heartwarming choice. (Ages 2-6)

Upper Middle Grade

Survivor Mountain 

Thirteen-year-old Dani, her younger sister Lily, a crush, and two friends are separated from their classmates when an earthquake in the Santa Cruz mountains buries their return path in a rockslide. The group finds an alternate trail where they meet a married couple who gives them shelter—but their shelter soon becomes a trap when the couple turns out to be on-the-run criminals who kidnap Dani and Lily! To escape their captors, the girls first need to heal deep cracks in their relationship: one year earlier, their older sister died in a tragic accident, and Dani and Lily silently blame each other. They must learn to trust again before they, along with the stealthy help of Dani’s crush and friends, attempt to outwit the kidnappers in a cat-and-mouse game of survival.


Coming Soon!

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