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I was born in Carmel Highlands, California, on the edge of the Big Sur wilderness. My friends and I were all big readers, and we loved to act out magical adventure stories in the forest that surrounded our homes. In first grade, my family moved to San Francisco, and then to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . . . I went to five different elementary schools! I always brought my favorite books, wherever we moved, and I always found new friends who loved to read. Now I write books for children and teens—for me, it’s the best job in the world! When I’m not writing, I work as a first grade reading coach—it feels wonderful when a little encouragement and support creates another lover of books.

I went to college at UC Santa Barbara and earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. Now I live in Florida with my husband, teenage son, and seventy-pound labradoodle, who still thinks he’s a puppy.


Random fun facts about me:  

I can ride a unicycle.

(I was an actor on a kids’ TV show called “The Git Box Tickle,” where I sang, told silly jokes, and did tricks on my unicycle.)



I’m a certified scuba diver.

(My dive buddies and I explored a shipwreck that was 120 feet beneath the surface. Spooky, but fun!)



I can chat in Spanish.

(I love everything about language, both English and Spanish, and entered college as a Spanish major.)



I’m an experienced backpacker and rock climber.

(When I was a junior in college, I enrolled in a summer program with the National Outdoor Leadership School where I learned the skills needed to survive in the mountain wilderness.)



I worked at an art gallery in San Francisco for two years.

(It was a super fun job, and the art was amazing!)



I LOVE animals—I had ten pets when I was ten!

(Two rabbits, two guinea pigs, one hamster, three cats, and two dogs.)



My first friend is still my best friend . . . we met when I was three.  



I’m a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

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